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Re: [Art] Man-O-War, Approach


Originally Posted by Corwynn

It's a bit like Geocities I guess. I don't make any money off of it myself -- it's not even my site! A wiki has a lot of contributors, and I'm just one of many. The "wikia" company does the hosting of the FR wiki web site, and they have banner adds.

Just to confirm, it sounds like you *are* okay with us putting your artwork up on the FR wiki? Would you like attribution as well? (we can link to your web site if you wish).

Aye sure, you can use my art mate, long as you attribute it, and a link would nice :)
I just am understandably cautious :)

I had a look and it seems same as the Speljammer wiki, who has some of my stuff so it's all cool.
I'm really happy for folk to use my art for D&D and fun, what it's all about :-)

There are however, out there, shmucks... :/
But long as folk ask and don't have it on profit or "iffy" sites it's fine when asked.

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