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I got into Forgotten Realms by playing Neverwinter Nights 2. I've been a player of D&D for only a few months, and I'm only a casual player. However, I've been developing a campaign based on the Sword Coast North in 1389 DR, the Year of the Forgiven Foes. In some respects a Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion converted to paper D&D, it stars the daughter of my character in NWN2 and Mask of the Betrayer. We're using the 3.5 rules because the 4th edition rules are too confusing, in my opinion. (Also, arcane spellcasters suffered a major nerf in the conversion.)

Bane's Creeping ShadowEdit

The campaign is called "Bane's Creeping Shadow," and pits the PCs against a cult of Bane called the Dark Hand that seeks to rule Faerûn from the shadows in the aftermath of the apocalyptic Spellplague. I'm using elements from practically every 3rd and 3.5 edition rulebook and supplement. (Thank God for P2P file sharing--the vast majority are out of print.)

Player Character PagesEdit

These characters are listed in the order they were added to the campaign.

Important Non-Player CharactersEdit

Non-Canonical OrganizationsEdit

Three Elves and a KoboldEdit

This campaign is set in Northwest Faerûn in the Year of Rogue Dragons. The adventuring party here is a very unusual mix of a moon elf, two drow, and a dragonwrought kobold.

Player CharactersEdit

Major NPCsEdit

Silver WolfEdit

Silver Wolf, named for Kalir Patten the Wolf and the Sword of Gith she wields, is an NWN2 and MotB fanfic starring Kalir Patten and friends, set mainly in the Year of the Bent Blade. The chapters will be posted at my deviantART page as I finish them. The links to the chapters I've finished to date are listed below.

  • Davis, Aaron J. (2009-04-19). "Prologue". Silver Wolf. deviantART. "Animated skeletons splashed through the muddy swamp water. Esmerelle swore viciously and drew her sword. “Iyer homech!” she carefully said, and the blade came alive with a radiant white glow."
  • Davis, Aaron J. (2009-05-09). "Chapter I: Armored Wolf". Silver Wolf. deviantART. "The experienced paladin called up one of her favorite spells. She waved a gauntleted hand at the crossbowman, who was scrambling to reload his bow, and a blaze of divine energy erupted from her eyes, blew the man off his wagon perch and into the rocks."
  • Davis, Aaron J. (2009-05-09). "Chapter II: Never Trust a Lich". Silver Wolf. deviantART. "Kaelyn barely had time to register that the balor had spoken in the Celestial tongue before the gash in space opened wider and disgorged a horde of demons! Over the din of shrieking succubi and mariliths she heard the balor command, “Leave the female! Take the males alive!”"
  • Davis, Aaron J. (2009-05-27). "Chapter III: Two Meetings". Silver Wolf. deviantART. "‘The story goes, they were traveling through Calimshan, gathering allies to attack the Fugue Plane.’"
  • Davis, Aaron J. (2009-06-09). "Chapter IV: A Mother's Memories". Silver Wolf. deviantART. "For a moment there was no response to her prayer, but then a feeling of peace washed over her. She heard a throaty female laugh, followed by a quiet voice in her head: You need no guidance from me, daughter of Esmerelle. All you must do is believe in yourself and trust in your allies.'"
  • Davis, Aaron J. (2009-06-24). "Chapter V: Training, Learning, Planning". Silver Wolf. deviantART. "Safiya noted a great contrast between the fighting styles. Kalir moved with lithe grace, using speed and agility; the taller, bigger grandmaster fought back with pure brute power. The blades clashed once, twice, three times, then the combatants moved in close, to grappling distance, each trying to push the other back, neither succeeding; they stepped inside each other’s legs, almost dancing as each tried for better footing."
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