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Faksi Het is a cleric of Set, and aspiring glorious servitor.


Faksi Het is the Church of Set's emissary to the Dark Hand. The exact details of his job are unknown, but it is believed that the Settites (I hope that's the right word) offered the Dark Hand funding in exchange for aid in overthrowing the government of Mulhorand.

Short and unimposing, he is nonetheless an accomplished combatant. He enjoys killing, but is able to rein in his blood-lust with the ease of long practice. He enjoys music, and can play the oud fairly well (though hardly as well as a bard). A specialist in destructive spells, he is also a dabbler in the dark arts of demonic and diabolic summoning and binding.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Het is a fairly typical result of Mulan interbreeding with the native human races of Toril. He is short and lanky, with straight black hair, tan skin, and dark brown eyes. He arms himself with a longspear, wears studded leather armor, and always straps his favorite oud to his back.

Statistics (Known)Edit

This information comes by way of the Lords' Alliance embassy in Mulhorand, which received it from the paladins of Osiris, who keep dossiers of known agents of the churches of Set and Sebek.

Faksi Het: Male human (Mulan) Cleric 6 of Set/Rogue 4; Medium natural humanoid; AL LE.
Languages: Abyssal, Common, Infernal, Mulhorandi.
Cleric Spells Prepared (caster level 6th): 0 - Detect magic, Detect poison, light, Purify food and drink, Read magic; 1st - Comprehend languages, Divine favor, Obscuring mist (D), protection from good, Tongue of Baalzebul; 2nd - blindness/deafness (D), Dance of ruin, desecrate, Summon monster II, Undetectable alignment; 3rd - bladebane, Dispel magic (D), Flesh ripper, magic circle against good.
D: Domain spell. Domains: Darkness (free Blind-Fight feat) and Magic (use wizardly magic devices as a wizard of one-half your cleric level).
Possessions: +1 acidic longspear, masterwork studded leather armor, backpack, bedroll, healer's kit, ink pen, ink vial, masterwork oud, parchment sheets (10), sealing wax, signet ring, silver unholy symbol of Set, spell component pouch, torch, thieves' tools, waterskin (2), 15,000 gp.
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