• I live in Geneva, Switzerland
  • I was born on December 17
  • I am Male

Does anyone know any good books with information on drow? Please post it on my Talk page.

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Books I haveEdit

AD&D (1e)Edit

AD&D (2e)Edit




Non-Forgotten Realms, but still RPG stuffEdit

Favorite FR Individuals

Projects in progress:

User:Stu1131181/Sandbox/Celebration: An infobox about specific celebrations/events. Speculation runs loose with admins here: Forum:Events infobox.

User:Stu1131181/Creatures and Deities of Neutral Allignment: A little surprise for the Neutral article!

User:Stu1131181/A Letter of Farewell: A little farewell I plan to draft if this wiki converts to 3e.

Currently DMing: Homebrew campaign in the Underdark

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