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Current Projects[edit | edit source]

  1. Help my fellow wiki members in filling out the missing information on all the Giant pages — progress ongoing...
    1. Create pages for every single rune spell listed in the sourcebook "Giantcraft." done!
  2. Savage Frontier (1e) Sourcebook
    1. Create page for Hall of the Four Ghosts
  3. General Mundane Items
    • Rope
    1. Tunic (Aurora; A&E 2e and 3e; Empires of the Shining Sea 129;)
  1. Index most of the things in the 2nd edition accessory book "Arms and Equipment Guide." — in progress...Currently 80% done.
    1. Upload all relevant pictures from the "Arms and Equipment Guide" — in progress...
  2. Creature pages
    1. Crabmen
    2. Giant clam (Neverwinter; Monstrous Manual; Underworld Speculation)
    3. Ice Drake
    4. Jellyfish (Neverwinter; Icewind Dale)
    5. Rage Drake
  3. Character pages
    1. The hill giant Dimfist from Polyhedron 47

Pages I Worked On/Created[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous Items and Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Anvil - created page, added images
  • Backpack - created page, added images
  • Bandolier - created page
  • Beehive - created page
  • Block and tackle - created page
  • Blowgun/Blowpipe - completely revised, provided citations and new information, added infobox with an image and statistics for all 5 editions of the game.
  • Brass - completely revised, provided citations and new information. Probably one of the pages that I am most proud of oddly enough.
  • Breeches - created page and updated every article on the wiki that mentions it so that it's linked.
  • Chariot - created page
  • Cloak of poisonousness - created page
  • Cloak of symbiotic protection - created page
  • Codpiece - created page
  • Cookbook of Nemalas - created page
  • Crampons - created page
  • Crowberry wine - created page
  • Delzoun's Fist - created page
  • Galley of the Gods - created page
  • Ghost rod - created page
  • Ghost touch - created page
  • Incense of obsession - created page
  • Kayak - created page
  • Lliira's Night - heavily fleshed out
  • Sash - created page
  • Scarf - created page, added image
  • Scourge (weapon) - created page, added images
  • Shiver-strike - created page
  • Skiprock - created page
  • Snow goggles - created page, added image
  • Snowshoes - created page
  • Snowskis - created page
  • Toga - created page
  • Totem - total overhaul of page
  • Turban - created page and updated every article on the wiki that mentions it so that it's linked.
  • War pick - created page, merging together information from the light and heavy picks
  • Revised multiple old pages for basic weapons into Past Tense format and added their statistics from various editions.

Things from the Icewind Dale game[edit | edit source]

  • Alkonos - created page
  • Amulet of dark flesh - created page
  • Benorg's Truth - created page
  • Bethla - created page
  • Breath of Auril - created page
  • Celebrant's blade - created page
  • Dorn's Deep - working on fleshing out.
  • Elven healing wine - created page
  • Frostbite - created page
  • Gauntlets of infernal damnation - created page
  • Harken - created page
  • Holy Chaos! - created page
  • Incylia - created page
  • Lyre of progression - created page
  • Mummy's Tea - created page
  • Norlinor - created page
  • Ring of dwarven bone - created page
  • Ring of shadows - created page
  • Robe of cold resistance - created page
  • Shikata - created page
  • Skiprock - created page
  • Spinesheath - created page
  • Static dart - created page
  • Stoutward - created page

Food, Drinks, and Spices[edit | edit source]

  • Awana - created page
  • Coconut - created page
  • Feywine - created page
  • Honey - created page
  • Kita - created page
  • Pickles - heavily fleshed out article
  • Pumpkin soup - created page
  • Rye bread - created page
  • Sesame - created page
  • Spices - created page

Giants[edit | edit source]

  • Cyclops - mildly revised, provided new information, uploaded image of miniature
  • Dark ones - added 4e information.
  • Death giant - completely revised, added 4e information and statistics
  • Dragon dowsing rod — TBA
  • Earth titan - uploaded image of miniature
  • Eidolon - mildly revised, provided new information, uploaded image
  • Eldritch giant - added 4e statistics and uploaded image of miniature
  • Uploaded illustration of Ettin Werewolf from Dragon magazine.
  • Fell troll - created page and added images
  • Hotun-Shûl - completely revised and added new information
  • Ice Troll - heavily fleshed out page and uploaded image of miniature
  • Giantcraft - created pages for Eternal Blizzard, Girog, Halflook, Ice Runners, Krotter, Noote, Vardun, and Veltig. Completely revised and added on to the page for Illsenstaad. And created pages for every rune spell.
  • Memnor - completely fleshed out his empty page.
  • Realms of Infamy - created a summary and index for the story "Twilight"
  • Sina and Mesrak - created page and uploaded images.
  • Skoraeus Stonebones - completely fleshed out his page
  • Storm titan - uploaded image of miniature
  • Thergod - created page
  • Thrym - Uploaded an image of him from "Deities and Demigods" and loaded it onto his infobox.
  • Voadkyn - mildly revised, provided new information
  • Wyrmsmoke Keep — TBA

Sourcebooks[edit | edit source]

  • Anauroch - indexed nearly the entire sourcebook.
  • Arms and Equipment Guide (2nd edition) - uploaded a lot of images from it. Am gradually indexing it.
  • Arms and Equipment guide (3rd edition) - created the entire page for it and uploaded cover image.
  • Halls of the High King - discovered Realms Date, filled in credits, created table of contents, created and filled in index
  • Kill the Wizard - created page, indexed
  • Ruins of Zhentil Keep - Filled in some of the largely barren index.
  • Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two - indexed
  • Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Three - indexed
  • Spiderkiller - created page, indexed, and added image
  • The Magister - created an index and completely filled in the missing information
  • Talon of Umberlee - indexed.
  • Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast - reformatted twice, added as much of the missing information as possible

Dwarves Deep[edit | edit source]

  • Air hammer - created page
  • Blast spike - created page
  • Glowstones - filled out missing information
  • Living Axe - created page
  • Mad Beards - created page
  • Pickaxe of Piercing - created page
  • Whip of Amatar - created page
  • Winged hammer - created page

Serpent Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

  • Circlet of seven serpents - created page
  • Nagas - fleshed out some of the information on that page
  • Oreme - added all missing information from this source
  • Scourge of Tiamat - created page

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Agni - created page
  • Andalias - created page
  • Cryonax - completely revised, provided citations and new information
  • Deszeldaryndun Silverwing - was uploaded with just a paragraph. I quickly worked to get it properly formatted, properly cited, and provide more information. Still not 100% finished though
  • Fierna - completely revised, provided citations and new information
  • Focalor - created his page with some info, but got too busy to finish it myself
  • Glasya - completely revised, provided citations and new information
  • Hazlin - heavily revised, provided citations and new information
  • Hecate - created page.
  • Hiatea - filled in some of the needed citations
  • Kali - created page
  • Lliira - mildly fleshed out page
    • Church of Lliira - created page
  • Jasha Istor - created page
  • Talona - mildly fleshed out page
  • Characters in "Halls of the High King" - created pages
    • Halamather, Salander
  • Clerics, Priests, and Shamans in "Savage Frontier" - created pages
    • Aldalfus Stormgatherer, Axxium Korvis, Bogohardt Blackmane, Briosar Helmsing, Clovis Greenteeth, Erssler Thamm, Izolda Three-corn, Malakia, Ruthard Fourl, Seenroas Halvinhar, Shanathera Moonsoul, Shermata Cheng, Thukmuul Teleshann, Turik Bloodhelm, Wanada Selemensa, Watger Brighthair, Willa O'Greensleeves, Wiskar Strom

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Allfaiths Shrine - created page
  • Awana - created page
  • Constellations - created pages
    • Arrows of the Gods; Auroth the Ice Snake; Elfmaid's Tears; Eyes of the Watching Woman
  • Bear and Black Buckler - created page
  • Danivarr's House - created page
  • Grandfather Tree - partially revised, provided citations and new information
  • Grunwald - provided citations and added all of the information that was missing from the Savage Frontier books.
  • Halls of Inspiration - heavily fleshed out
  • Happy Cow - completely revised, provided citations and information from older sources.
  • Harvesthome - created page
  • Hellgate Keep - completely overhauled/revised, provided citations, new information, and images.
  • High Ice - completely revised, provided citations and new information.
  • House of Auril's Breath - created page
  • Lemontree Alley - created page
  • Mama Rutterkin's Preserves - created page
  • Tantlin - an unregistered user uploaded this with just two paragraphs. I quickly worked to get it properly formatted, properly cited, and provide more information. Still not 100% finished though
  • Tel Badir - created page
  • Temple of Red Sails - created page
  • Towers of Fury - created page
  • The Seven-Stringed Harp - created page
  • Silverglen - heavily fleshed out, added image
  • Southkrypt Garden - created

Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Ambush drake - completely filled in page and added an image
  • Animental - created page, added image
  • Awtawmatawn - created page, added image
  • Balhannoth - created page
  • Barracuda - fleshed out some information and added statistics from Stormwrack.
  • Basidirond - created page, added images
  • Bees - created page
  • Bonebat - created page, added images
  • Boobrie - heavily revised, provided citations and new information
  • Cloaker - mildly revised, provided citations and new information
  • Coffer Corpse - created page
  • Crawling apocalypse - created page and added image
  • Dolphin - mildly revised, provided citations and new information
  • Domovoi - created page, added image
  • Doppelganger - mildly fleshed out page
  • Electric eel - created page, added image
  • Fire bat - created page, added images
  • Fire lizard - created page
  • Fire toad - created page, added images
  • Forlarren - heavily fleshed out article and added images.
  • Gambado - created page, added images.
  • Ghost - extensively revised, provided citations and new information
  • Giant Beaver - heavily fleshed out
  • Giant Gar - created page, added image
  • Giant Leech - created page, added image
  • Giant Otter - created page
  • Giant Raven - heavily fleshed out
  • Giant Skunk - created page, added image
  • Giant Vulture - heavily fleshed out
  • Giant Weasel - extensively revised, added new information, added image
  • Glyptodon - the first creature page that I ever made
  • Golem (Iron and Stone) - fleshed out articles.
  • Gorbel - heavily fleshed out and added an image
  • Grimlock - mildly revised, provided citations and new information
  • Hsing-sing - fleshed out article.
  • Kopru - created page, added images
  • Korred - extensively revised, provided citations, new information, and images
  • Lady Killer - created page
  • Lamprey - created page and added image
  • Leech - created page
  • Lernaean hydra - created page and added image
  • Lightfoot halfling - heavily fleshed out and revised.
    • Tallfellow halfling - created within the lightfoot page.
  • Megalodon - created page, added image
  • Minotaur lizard - created page
  • Otter - created page
  • Pilgrim - created page
  • Pythosaurus - created page, added images
  • Raccoon - created page
  • Scorpion (mundane) - created page, added image
  • Spitting drake - created page
  • Stegocentipede - created page, added image
  • Swordfish - created page
  • Swordwraith - created page, added images
  • Sylph - slightly revised, provided citations and new information
  • Tentamort - created page, added images
  • Trilloch - created page, added images
  • Uthraki - fleshed out some information and uploaded images
  • Vampire spawn - fleshed out some information, uploaded an image
  • Water elemental - fleshed out information

Incorporating Old Lore into New[edit | edit source]

  1. The fact that the Giant goddess Shax from Tome of Magic 3.5 is not actually canon really disappoints me. She and the Ocean giants totally should have been brought back in Storm King's Thunder or at least in one of those adventure modules, considering the whole thing revolved around the ordning being broken. WotC could reintroduce them as a proper offshoot of Storm Giants, much like the Maur and Ash Giants, who had remained loyal to Shax after her defeat instead of turning to worship of Stronmaus.
  2. I am disappointed that the lore never established how the giants in Zakhara (specifically Jungle and Desert) came about and their connection to the primary giant races. I know this is likely due to the fact that the Al-Qadim campaign setting was limited to 2nd edition D&D and if Al-Qadim had been expanded upon in later editions the giants in Zakhara probably would have been all been retconned to have a very clear history that tied them in with Annam the All-Father. The Island giant in particular would have probably been made into some cursed offshoot of cyclopes.
    1. If I were to suggest places for jungle giants outside of Zakhara, I would say Chult.
  3. I know the sun giants are immensely unpopular and a blatant rip-off of desert giants that was then thrown out in favor of sand giants, but I have an idea for how they could be re-imagined.
    1. I would take some inspiration from the Helians of the Spelljammer setting, making them a sort of plane-touched giant.
    2. Their backstory would be that they descended from some cloud giants, who modified their cloud palace into a sort of rudimentary spelljammer and flew too close to the sun. But instead of dying, they became infused with its elemental energy. Then one of the sun's dead-magic zones caused their palace to fall and it crashed in Osse. I decided on this location since it hasn't really been touched on much, thus retconning their existence wouldn't be difficult.
    3. I am imagining that they would worship an aspect of either Hiatea, who had the Sun domain in 3rd edition. This would be especially fitting as the Aboriginal people of Australia generally personified the sun as a woman.
    4. I am still debating on what creature would make a suitable candidate for the "mounts" that the sun giants were described as having. Since I have settled on them inhabiting Osse (fantasy Australia) I am leaning towards them having domesticated gargantuan spiders or frogs. Perhaps even gargantuan versions of the fire toad from earlier editions.

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