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Ongoing tasks[]

Year of Miracles[]



  • Write Goldspires (Duty & Deity, Forgotten Realms' Campaign Guide, Lands of Intrigue, Faith & Avatars)
  • Write Tharundar Olehm and Halanna Jashire
  • Write Brightbuckle

Other tasks[]

  • Gondsman (class) (F&A p63)
  • Earthwalker (F&A p67)
  • Watcher (class) (F&A p70)
  • Darkwalker (class) (F&A p73)
  • Waterwalker (F&A p80)
  • Authlim (F&A p83)
  • Firewalker (F&A p89)
  • Mistcaller (F&A p95)
  • Joydancer (F&A p99)
  • Pain (class) (F&A p104)
  • Talon (class) (F&A p107)
  • Demarch (F&A p111)
  • Darkbringer (F&A p122)
  • Gray ones (F&A p126)
  • Guide (class) (F&A p137)
  • Windwalker (class) (F&A p144)
  • Battleguard (F&A p160)
  • Holy champion (F&A p165)
  • Luckbringer (F&A p168)
  • Holy justice (F&A p170)
  • Waveservant (F&A p174, also see Church of Umberlee)
  • Finder (P&P p16)
  • Sensate (P&P p54)
  • Woodwive (P&P p57)
  • Highborn (P&P p60)
  • Nakurit (P&P p64)
  • Iceguardian (P&P p65)
  • Ice hunter shaman (P&P p64)
  • Uthgar shaman (P&P p70)
  • Wavetamer (P&P p74)
  • Eshowdowan shaman (P&P p82)
  • Mazewalker (P&P p92)
  • Tabaxi shaman (P&P p92)
  • Earthchild (P&P p101)
  • Martinet (P&P p105)
  • Revered mother (P&P p108)
  • Sunhawk (P&P p112)
  • Skyweaver (P&P p116)
  • Goodwife (P&P p119)
  • Divine arbitrator (P&P p122)
  • Swamplord (P&P p125)
  • Nighthunter (P&P p128)
  • Scrivener (P&P p131)
  • Wyrmkeeper (P&P p136)
  • Wyrmlaird (P&P p136-137)
  • Kismetic (Netheril empire of magic p19,
  • Write or complete the holy book and artifacts from Prayers from the Faithful:
  • Write pages for minor priests and clerics (red links):


  • Update Crimmor (Lands of Intrigue: Amn, Dragon 334, grand history of the realms, Volo's guide to Baldur's Gate 2, FRCS, FRPG, FRCG, Power of Faerûn, Empires of the Sands, FOR4, FOR8, Lords of Darkness, Elminster's FR, Aurora's)
  • Update Archenbridge (Volo's Guide to the Dalelands, FRS1, FRCS, FRCG, Champions of Valor, Prayers, FOR4, FRPG, Ruins of Zhentil Keep, Elminster's Ecologies, Campaign Setting Box Set Revised, DALE1-5, DALE2-1)



Untold secrets of the Realms[]

Trying to keep here a list of the topics known to be under NDA, and/or whose information hasn't been published yet...

  • Over the millennia, Waterdeep has drawn elves, dragons, humans, drow, dwarves, wizards galore, other sorts -- even before there was a city to attract them. Countless beings, all in one spot. Is there a Weave anchor there, or something else pulling in all these folks?[note 1]
  • Assuming you used mummies in your home Realms, where did you envision them coming from?[note 2]
  • Did Shar have a child that was lost in prehistory like Selune has her tears? It would explain Shar’s grief and depression a LOT.[note 3]
  • What happened to Returned Abeir after the Sundering?[note 4]
  • Volo's been a wizard for a long time, has he authored any spells of his own?[note 5]
  • What have the Soft Claws been up to?[note 6]
  • Was Szass Tam affected in any way by the curse of the Death Moon Orb after he got it?[note 7]
  • Why the Forgotten Realms writers and fans don’t mention Tahlshara, arguably the most powerful elven blade ever?[note 8]
  • When she gave up archery, did Eilistraee destroy her bow?[note 9]
  • Which flying cities of Netheril are undamaged and still inhabited?[note 10]
  • Aside from Lord Zelraun, are there any other notable members of House Roaringhorn ? What is the state of their interests and affairs? Who are their closest allies and enemies?[note 11]
  • Is there an Thayan embassy in waterdeep or neverwinter around 1492 DR ?[note 12]
  • Are unborn elven spirits of Arvandor that wander the prime sometimes considered "witchlight" (or something else)?[note 13]
  • Based on toril's extraplanar connections, is it possible that there is "technology" such as robots and weapons or equipment of that level hidden, crashed or found somewhere? Yes.[note 14]
  • Does Ilsevele Miritar still have the Crownblade?[note 15]
  • What happened to the Companions of the Pallid Mask after the fall of Netheril? If any are around, what is their relationship with Kelemvor's Doomguides, generally speaking?[note 16]
  • Sardior is still active in the Realms, but does he have any particular mission, other than simply knowing more? Does he have any particular foes? Does he actively oppose any specific Elder Evil or anything?[note 17]
  • Who are the stag-headed, Horned Ones? A magic-wielding sylvan race...[note 18]


  2. - There's actually lots of details there (TODO: check if it's in the wiki's Mummy entry already...)
  11. - There's some information here about house members here (TODO: Check if the article contains them all)
  17. - There's actually some more information there (TODO: check if it's already in the wiki)