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I am a minor scribe of Candlekeep. I've been an avid D&D player 25 years, almost always DMing, and for most of it my own homebrew campaigns. However, as I've aged, I've come to appreciate the shared world and shared storytelling of the Forgotten Realms more and more. I've been a consumer of the Wiki for a long time now, but now have decided to start improving the Wiki as I've uncovered more and more exotic lore. I am also a part of the Candlekeep.com forums as Wendolyn.

Eric Boyd and Steven Schend are two of my favorite designers.

My main interests are in Turmish and the areas, gods, individuals and other nations in proximity to it. May Deneir guide my keyboard!

Here is a list of projects and areas I am working on,

Longterm Projects[edit | edit source]

1. Turmish! There is much to do to add to it, mostly articles around the main page. There needs to be more on the Emerald Enclave, the Assembly of Stars, the drow city of Undraeth, and so on.

2. Westgate. Westgate is in some ways further along than Turmish, but in fact there are enormous amounts of lore that are not incorporated into the Wiki as yet. The main areas of lore that need to be transcribed are the web enhancement WGTimeline,

3. Serôs. The Sea of Fallen Stars (sourcebook) is one of my favorite sourcebooks of all time. So much lore needs to be added to the wiki, as well as follow up lore from Dragon magazine about Dagon's portals at the bottom of the trench of Lopek, the battles of Myth Nantar in both Living Forgotten Realms adventures and the Adventurer's League.

4. Arnaden and the Lake of Steam. So much to be added about the land of the lion!

5. Chondath, Hlondeth and the wider Vilhon Reach. Despite the fact that many of these cities and places are annihilated in the Spellplague, their history warrants study and inclusion.

6. Akanal! Turmish's new neighbor, and sometimes enemy in wars (according to The Reaver). It needs to be more fully included. And then looking beyond, Unther and Chessenta.

Short term goals[edit | edit source]

Based on my sense of the Wiki at the moment, I am working in areas that has a lot of low-hanging fruit in the sense that many of the primary sources have not been thoroughly integrated. I think the area with the biggest divergence is Westgate. Although Turmish is my main area of interest, Westgate is its neighbor and also a city for which we have an extraordinary amount of lore.

My current projects are to draw the relevant lore from

A) the WGTimeline[1]

B) Westgate dragon article[2]

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