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Time is relentless. When I first stole into this chamber, years ago, I did not fathom the true power of knowledge.

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About the scholar[]

Lets us sing about he who sing our songs to the children of Toril, Kanjentellequor Zero, the Avowed.

A son of beautiful Djerad Thymar, the city that was born from two worlds, Zero was one of those rare vayemniri with the innate gift of magic from Clan Kanjentellequor. Since young age he was trained to cultivate his gift, and to learn the old songs, so the hatchlings would never forget them. The dread songs of the Tyrants of Abeir and their masters, the Dawn Titans. The valorous songs of those-would-be-vayemniri, who fought to gain their freedom and the freedom of their offspring. But his magic, his innate power, sang with the the power of the Tyrants, and Zero was troubled. And then he witnessed firsthand the return of the King of Dust, of gods made flesh, and even the rebirth of the Lady of magic.

And the wind called to him, whispered to him, and his path was clear: he had to go to Keep of Knowledge, as this world needed to hear the songs of the vayemniri, and the vayemniri needed to learn the words written on this world. And so Zero knew it was time to leave his beloved home and explore the world of the maunthreki and learn about it...

About me[]

I've been playing D&D for decade or more now, and although I started in 3.5 edition as player, it was in 4th edition that I became a DM (hence, I'm more knowledgeable about stuff from 4th edition onwards, that about stuff of earlier editions). While my first Realms book was Dragons of Faerûn (because I like dragons), I became interested in the Forgotten Realms as a setting thanks to the Neverwinter Campaign Setting, a book that made want to leave my homebrew pseudo-setting and play in the Realms. After that, I delved more and more about the setting, I became enamored with it (mostly, thanks to the excellent Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms). My longest campaign in the Forgotten Realms is still taking place in Neverwinter.

Current Goals (To do)[]

  • Update any dragon and dragonborn outdated related articles
  • Create any dragon and dragonborn missing articles
  • Create/update articles about the Brimstone Angels series characters
  • Create/update articles about the Old Empires
  • Create/update articles about the Neverwinter
  • Create all of the remaining Tymantheran NPCs.
  • Improve my english (?)



Sourcebooks Checklist

Books that I own (format credited to Hashimashadoo).

1st edition Forgotten Realms

The Savage Frontier (sourcebook)

2nd edition Forgotten Realms

Cult of the DragonDraconomicon (1990)Old EmpiresThe Shining South (1993)Volo's Guide to the North

3rd edition Forgotten Realms

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd editionMonster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn

3rd edition D&D

Oriental Adventures (3rd edition)

3.5 edition Forgotten Realms

Dragons of FaerûnLost Empires of FaerûnRaces of FaerûnPlayer's Guide to FaerûnShining South (sourcebook)Serpent KingdomsThe Grand History of the Realms

3.5 edition D&D

Draconomicon: The Book of DragonsElder EvilsMonster Manual 3.5Monster Manual IVMonster Manual VRaces of the Dragon

4th edition Forgotten Realms

Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten RealmsForgotten Realms Campaign GuideForgotten Realms Player's GuideMenzoberranzan: City of IntrigueNeverwinter Campaign Setting

4th edition D&D

Adventurer's VaultAdventurer's Vault 2Arcane PowerDemonomiconDivine PowerDraconomicon: Chromatic DragonsDraconomicon: Metallic DragonsDungeon DelveDungeon Master's Guide 4th editionDungeon Master's Guide 2Heroes of ShadowHeroes of the Elemental ChaosHeroes of the Fallen LandsHeroes of the FeywildHeroes of the Forgotten KingdomsManual of the Planes 4th editionMartial PowerMartial Power 2Monster Manual 4th editionMonster Manual 2 4th editionMonster Manual 3 4th editionMonster VaultMonster Vault: Threats to the Nentir ValeMordekainen's Magnificent EmporiumOpen Grave: Secrets of the UndeadPlayer's Handbook 4th editionPlayer's Handbook 2Player's Handbook 3Player's Handbook Races: DragonbornPlayer's Handbook Races: TieflingsPrimal PowerPsionic PowerRules CompendiumThe Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral SeaThe Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental ChaosThe Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and BeyondUnderdark (4th edition sourcebook)

5th Edition

Dungeon Master's Guide 5th editionMonster Manual 5th editionPlayer's Handbook 5th editionSword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Dragon and Dungeon Magazines

All of 4th edition era