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Not sure if these get read, but just in case.

Hi, my name is Trey, and I'm an old gamer in New Mexico.

In May 2020 I asked Ed Greenwood via Twitter if he had any information current or historical on the north eastern lands of the 5th edition map of the Sword Coast, and he replied that he would look into it. On June 14th 2020, Ed answered me:

In two long threads, Ed recounted much of the lore of that area from Dungeon Magazine 170, but he also added and embellished  pieces of information- about the Abbey Mountains and other places. I aspired to add what i could to the wikia using his words as a guide, as i have gained much form using  this site over the last several years.

i have had some success (and found the community here very helpful) but some issues remain that I have been unable to resolve:

The map I used for the Frozen Flindyke entry (from Dungeon 170) doesn't have proper copyright attribution.

Many of the entries that I've put up lack category structures- i thought i could add them later. But I've not figured out how yet.

I would like to use the greenwood tweets for citations where no other information is available, if this is kosher.

The 5e map of NE Faerun has no Abbey mountains (but several unmanned ranges), but it does have a Turnback mountain range- the Abbey mountains (As referenced by Ed on Twitter, and in Dungeon 170) have a Turnback Mountain. The alternate name should be mentioned, if not cited if at all possible.

(it doesn't help that much of the territory in 4e era map in Dungeon 170 appears to be rotated by 90 degrees on the 5e map. 

I will continue to address these issues as I can, any input would be appreciated