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As of this date, there were 30,432 articles on the FR Wiki, 11,656 files, and 85,065 total pages. My edit total was 35,949 / 37,234 depending on which number you believe. —Moviesign (talk) 17:52, January 1, 2020 (UTC)

Ref namesEdit

Just out of curiosity, why do we put ref names in quotes (referring to your Druid's cudgel edits)? Sturma (talk) 21:42, February 13, 2020 (UTC)

That is standard XML syntax. See this, for example. —Moviesign (talk) 21:53, February 13, 2020 (UTC)
Okay, thanks. Sturma (talk) 23:45, February 13, 2020 (UTC)

Succubi and Iggwilv Edit

So succubi are one of the few fiends that I don't know much about and if memory serves you wrote most of their article. Recently I read in a dragon article that succubi were the first tanar'ri *type* to appear in the Abyss, since they truly took on the mortal form rather than screwing with it. I can't remember where I read this part, but I also remember reading that the succubi abandoned the Abyss in droves at one point which helped Asmodeus become a god. Shouldn't that be in the succubus article?Vegepygmy (talk) 23:21, March 4, 2020 (UTC)

Hehe, you got the wrong guy. Use the History link under the edit menu to see who contributed to an article. I think User:BadCatMan is who you're looking for. —Moviesign (talk) 23:42, March 4, 2020 (UTC)

woopsVegepygmy (talk) 01:08, March 5, 2020 (UTC)

Trolls and potentially not troll Edit

Could you deal with this God of Gods fellow and Bahje character. The former just added a random bit about himself to the Darkling page and the latter seems to have posted his homebrew as an article.Vegepygmy (talk) 18:21, April 3, 2020 (UTC)

I took care of it. Thanks for the heads-up. ~ Lhynard (talk) 19:06, April 3, 2020 (UTC)
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