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Greetings, Fair Contributor. I have contacted ye via thy Reddit account. I am one moderator hailing from r/Forgotten_Realms. If ye would be so kind as to forgive my boldness, I would possess thy nigh-surpassed assistance in matters of the Realms.

Sincerely, your fellow Oghmanyte, 01:45, May 3, 2020 (UTC)Shawn

King of the Wood[]

Hey, I saw your last edit about the King of the Wood; in Under Illefarn it said that that guy was Melandrach, a page I had edit. Please check and correct.

(Unknown user 11 (talk) 18:00, May 23, 2020 (UTC))

Hello can you tell me what realms are included in the Forgotten Realms besides Eberron? because from what I've heard there are other campaigns of realms included I'm interested from the third edition upYountrainer 17:15, August 6, 2020 (UTC)

Oh maybe I can clarify a bit:
The Forgotten Realms is one of the campaign settings of Dungeons & Dragons. The "Realms" refer to the various regions, nations, kingdoms, city-states, and other powers set on the planet of Toril, along with some select celestial bodies and the various planes of existence that are shared among other settings.
Eberron is an entirely different campaign setting set on its own planet.
There a few minor connections between the Realms and Eberron, such as the character known as the Warden, though these are extremely rare. I hope that helps! Ruf (talk) 17:57, August 6, 2020 (UTC)


Hello! I recently sent you an email to your registered email address. Please check it out when you have a chance! HeyTots (Contact) 19:43, 8 December 2020 (UTC)


questio how did you add thething that says this user createdlike 10 percent of this wiki?

Howdy! Here's how:
1. Go to your user page and make yourself an infobox and userbox. Just copy the text below and add it to your page
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2. Enjoy! The "New Pages" box will list all the new pages you have made since the Fandom/Gamepedia merger and the "Edits" box will show your total number of edits.
(Btw, my box says I have made just under one percent of the pages on the wiki. While I created about 2,500 pages before the Fandom/Gamepedia merger, these wont show up in the infobox.)
3. I DON'T THINK these templates will work on other wikis, a specific one would have to be made there. I believe this page shows what is going on behind the scenes.
Also, go ahead and put ~~~~ at the end of your messages to include your signature. I hope all that helps - happy editing! Ruf (talk) 17:01, 23 February 2021 (UTC)