The Uskevren (meaning "too bold to hide" in some forgotten tongue) were a noble family of Selgaunt who lived primarily in Stormweather Towers. Their house badge was a gold horse-head-and-fouled-anchor. Their money originally stockpiled through piracy, the family was nearly destroyed in the 1330s DR by rival families who discovered their illicit means of money-making.[1]

The only surviving family member, Thamalon Uskevren, rebuilt the family fortune by buying and selling land, and then began sponsoring common folk. After this, the people of Selgaunt began to trust the Uskevren name again[1]



Primary among the Uskevren's enemies were those that helped nearly destroy them: the Soargyl, Talendar, Baerodreemer, Ithivisk, and Malveen.[3]


In addition to Stormweather Towers, the Uskevrens had a tallhouse near the Way of the Manticore and another on Lurvin Street. They also owned a smaller home outside of the city, named Storl Oak.[1]

Magical Items Edit

Throughout the years, when there was doubt if someone was truly an Uskevren, the family used a magical cup called the Quaff of the Uskevren. Enchanted long ago by Helemgaularn of the Seven Lightnings to keep revelers from stealing his mead, its enchantments were later altered so that only one of the blood of the Uskevren could touch it bare-handed and not be instantly burned.[1]



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