Ustaan was a small fishing village on the edge of Gbor Nor in Murghom.[1]


Sitting on the coast of Gbor Nor, the small fishing village of Ustann was most famous for the Myrthard Clan of fishermen who lived there.[1]


The Myrthard clan were famous for being the only people on Gbor Nor who were able to catch the giant sturgeon of the lake. Having spent decades refining their trade, they fanatically guarded the secrets to catching these massive fish, and often sabotaged rivals, or hired thugs to chase them out of town.[1]

While their secrecy was considered extreme by outsiders, the reason behind it all was the rarity of the fish, with only five or so being caught every year. These fish were highly prized in the courts of Semphar and Murghom, and a single one could fetch enough money for a year's worth of needs for an entire family.[1]



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