Empress Ususi Manaallin was an Imaskari human wizard and the ruler of High Imaskar in 1479 DR.[1]


As of 1479 DR, Empress Ususi was a frail and weak old woman. Despite her age, she was warm and benevolent.[2]


Ususi was a wizard of Deep Imaskar. In 1374 DR, Ususi Manaallin with the help of the star elf Kiril Duskmourn and the vengeance-taker Iahn Qoyllor managed to keep the body and mind of the Elder Evil Pandorym imprisoned in the Celestial Nadir and the Palace of the Purple Emperor.[3]

When the threat had been dealt with, many of the younger Imaskari of Deep Imaskar left with Ususi to support the growth of High Imaskar.[1]

After the Spellplague, the wizard Ususi relocated the old Palace of the Purple Emperor to the barren Mulhorandi lands and founded the city of Skyclave and the nation of High Imaskar. She was crowned empress and her first mandate was to renounce the slavery of her ancestors, outlawing slave ownership on pain of death. She also set up the Body of Artificers, Planners, and Apprehenders, whose power was equal to and balanced hers.[1]

In 1479 DR, as she was old and infirm, she asked the Body of Artificers, Planners, and Apprehenders to look for a worthy successor.[1]

In the same year, the paladin Medrash, the warrior Balasar, and wizard Biri from Tymanther, as well as Khouryn Skulldark of the Brotherhood of the Griffon, sought out Empress Ususi to ask for aid against Tchazzar and the invading Chessentan army. In exchange, they offered their aid in destroying the blue dragon Gestaniius. Empress Ususi gladly accepted the offer, as Gestaniius was raiding High Imaskari lands.[4]




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