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Uthaedeol the Blood-drenched was a legendary priest-mage and elite assassin dedicated to the Lord of Murder, Bhaal.[1]


The Blood-drenched was an ultra-skilled mage, as well as an extraordinarily powerful priest. He was able to cast the most powerful spells in the Realms, such as meteor swarm. As such, he was known to have developed secret spells of his own, such as destroying fist, which was unique in creating a localized disintegrate effect. He once used this special spell to slay a black dragon.[1]


The Bhaalist priest wore enchanted black armor.[1]


In his years, he slew a king, a guardian black dragon, princes, and several others of note. Uthaedeol was also noted to have slain several court wizards with a single spell.[1]



Uthaedeol the Blood-drenched's most famous tale was the slaying of the heavily guarded and prepared King Samyte of Tethyr[1][2] in the Year of the Hunted Elk, 841 DR. The epic account begun in Castle Dasaajk,[3] where Uthaedeol teleported right in front of the flying pegasus-riding guard above the king's chambers. He quickly dispatched the guard and took control of the pegasus. He steered the mount towards the skylight, smashed it, and plunged the creature to its death, whilst saving his own hide. As this happened, the guards released arrows, but the assassin-mage-priest leapt away, causing the arrows to strike the pegasus. Uthaedeol then flew towards a guardian black dragon, instantly slaying it with his destroying fist. After the dragon fell, the mage-priest rode upon the beast's acid breath as his own armor dissolved.[1]

Without the dragon as a target, the assassin turned his attention to the guards and their weapons. He cast a spell to cause in-flight arrows and even those still in their quivers to turn into a swarming group. The Blood-drenched focused next on the king himself, with just a dagger in hand. Though guards poured towards the assassin, he slew them all, one by one, and cut the monarch in a hundred places. Afterward, he cast a spell to force the king to maniacally dance to his death, his blood draining from his cuts with every move. Once the king was slain, Uthaedeol cast a pair of trapping spells and teleported to safety. Afterward, the entrapping spells activated, activating a meteor swarm that killed four court wizards, followed by a special blade barrier that slew every blood-relative of the king who entered the throne room. Two of King Samyte's sons walked into the room, and were killed by the divine barrier of blades.[1]


Even several centuries afterwards, Uthaedeol's slaying of the monarch was considered one of the most "splendid" acts of murder in the entire history of the Church of Bhaal and was often reminisced about during the Feast of the Moon.[1]



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