Uthraki were malevolent forest spirits in Rashemen.[2]


The natural form of an uthraki was apelike, hairy, and gray-white. Its small face was human-like, but a dozen black eyes went all the way around the creature's head. The uthraki was able to shapechange at will to any creature of about the same size or somewhat smaller. At night, an uthraki was able to heal exceptionally fast.[2]

Uthraki were known for taking forms a traveler would consider familiar and comforting, such as a lost child or a friendly minstrel, in order to gain their confidence before attempting to devour them. They were also known to take the form of prey animals,[3], such as rabbits.[4]


Uthraki were capable of shapechangeing into the form of any human, demihuman, humanoid,[3] or monstrous humanoid creature.[2] Whenever the spell detect magic was cast upon an uthraki it would only reveal an aura about them. Only true seeing or similar spells were capable of seeing through their magical disguise.[3]

Prior to 1372 DR,[5] uthraki were known to be particularly vulnerable to spells that were heat-based and weapons that were earth-based, such as wooden clubs or arrows tipped with flint.[3]


An uthraki used its tough, sharp claws to cut and rend its opponent. Those claws remained sharp and tough even while the uthraki was shapechanged.[2] While attacking they preferred to maintain their magical disguise, only revealing their true form right before their victims met their death.[3]



Beyond feasting upon humans the uthraki were known to eat small mammals such as rats, rabbits, and squirrels. They also occasionally feasted upon carcasses.[3]



An uthraki strangling its prey

Uthraki dwelt either in pairs or alone in the wooded and hilly areas of Rashemen.[2] They typically made their lairs in deep burrows, either between rocks or beneath trees.[3]

Uthraki typically avoided settled areas, as they felt hunting in cities was a dangerous endeavor.[3] This was because they were at a higher risk of being detected in such areas and they were more likely to encounter hathrans, members of the Wychlaran who actively hunted uthraki down and killed them on sight.[2]



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