Uton was a priest of Selûne at the House of the Moon temple in Waterdeep in the mid–14thth century DR.[1]


One night during the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, while a purported avatar of the goddess resided at the temple, Uton and a fellow priest called out Onyx and Timoth as they infiltrated in stolen priest's robes. Timoth claimed they were new converts; Uton queried the poor fit of their robes, but Timoth argued fitted robes were in short supply and they made a speedy departure. Uton remained suspicious, and alerted High Priestess Naneatha Suaril. Onyx and Timoth were caught and divested of their robes, and Naneatha left hell hounds to deal with them instead.[1]


Uton was a pale-skinned man with a shaven head and a silver crescent moon on his forehead.[1]



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