Uwil were a type of memedi native to Kara-Tur.[1]


Uwil were the spirits of deceased sohei and kept the appearance they had when they died. When walking, they walked with their heads down. This was due to the weight of their brain.[1]


Like all common memedi, uwil were harmless and avoided all combat.[1]


If a human saw a uwil, they were struck with effects similar to that of a fear spell.[1]


Uwil were solitary creatures. Of all memedi, they associated and co-operated with humans the most.[1]


Uwil were native to Kara-Tur and most often encountered on the island of Bawa and other islands within the Island Kingdoms. They lived underground, in caves or tunnels, in remote locations.[1]


Uwil were the most intelligent of all memedi. They were sought out by humans for advice and counsel. Uwil shared their wisdom with any human who treated them kindly and with respect, and offered nourishment for their bat companions, in the form of a stalactite covered in gems. They lived with up to four bats. These bats were identical to regular bats except they were pure white and consumed only stalactites. [1]




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