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Vaasans, also called Tesharans, Tharrans, or Yûls, were one of the lesser-known ethnic groups of humanity.[2] The term referred to the peoples of Vaasa as well as parts of the Moonsea and the Dalelands.[1][3]


Vaasan people typically had skin tones ranging from fair to olive with dark hair.[1] They were generally quite hardy in the face of cold weather,[4] and they grew thick beards.[1]


Vaasans generally used the Damaran language,[1] although they spoke a characteristic Vaasan creole based in not only Damaran, but Dwarvish and Common.[5]

They were open to worshiping any gods of the Faerûnian pantheon, however they had a reputation for favoring darker gods such as Auril, Bane, Cyric,[1] and Orcus.[6]


Vaasan heritage traces back to Netherese ancestry.[7] After the fall of Netheril's survivor states of Asram, Anauria, and Hlondath, Netherese refugees traveled east to the Moonsea to found new realms, beginning with Teshar in the Year of Dashed Dreams, −87 DR, followed by Yûlash and Northkeep. These people would be joined over the following centuries by the second group that would come to be known as the forebears of Vaasan culture, Chondathans from the Dalelands, Sembia, and the Vast.[2][8] The two peoples would go on to found the Moonsea city-states of Hulburg, Melvaunt, Mulmaster, Phlan, Thentia, and Zhentil Keep.[2] It was then settlers from this region that populated Vaasa as the Great Glacier began its retreat beginning in the Year of Spreading Spring, 1038 DR, and it was from these settlers that the whole group would come to be more commonly associated.[2][9]

By the late 15th Century DR, Vaasa had seen an influx of Damaran immigrants from Damara, Impiltur, and Narfell who had integrated into Vaasan society.[10]