Vadalma Tlabbar was the drow matron mother of House Faen Tlabbar, the fourth house of Menzoberranzan in 1372 DR[1] and and 1484 DR.[2]


During the Rage of Demons, she was fanatically devoted to Lolth.[3]


Vadalma ascended to the position of matron mother in 1372 DR. In that year, Nimor Imphraezl of the Jaezred Chaulssin killed both matron mother Ghenni Tlabbar and her favorite daughter, Sil'zet Tlabbar.[4] Vadalma was the fifth daughter of Ghenni'tiroth Tlabbar[5] ) and ascended to matron mother position. She was still in charge in 1484 DR.[1][2]


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