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Vaelan was a huge city in Durpar in southeast Faerûn. As of 1479 DR, it was the last remaining glory of Durpar, and its capital.[1]

Notable Locations[]

The Tower District, Vaelan's central district, held over 100 slender white-plastered towers full of balconies, galleries and promenades; they were home to the city's nobility. It lasted at least until 1479 DR.[1] It was known as the Gold District in 1374 DR.[2] Another upscale district was the West Gardens district, close to the Kazrim's Plunge;[3] the inhabitants of West Garden paid into a common fund for magical protection.[4] The Vartown District, while also upscale, was run-down, with a number of flats for renting. It also hosted some plays satirizing the chakas.[5]

There were many piers in Vaelan's harbor, with nine piers reserved for merchant traffic in 1374 DR. Of those, the Dolphin Pier did not belong singularly to any of the families.[2]


The original city was destroyed in the 10th century DR. The remains of the original Vaelan were known as Old Vaelan and were inhabited by lycanthropes and undead.[1] The Vaelan of the 14th and 15th centuries was once named Vaelantar (little Vaelan, in Durpari), and was actually a small, fortified trading post along the Golden Water placed close to Old Vaelan. After the 2nd century DR, Vaelantar was taken by beholders.[6] During their tenure, the beholders fortified Vaelantar considerably.[7]

Vaelantar was reclaimed by the Durpari in 1102 DR;[6] the buildings that survived the fight were impressive indeed.[7] At some point after that, Vaelantar's name was shortened.[6] The Council of Durpar decided to move the capital from Heldapan to Vaelan in 1371 DR.[8]


By 1371 DR, Vaelan held the seats of the eleven families in Durpar's high council, being the capital. A local council ruled the city proper.[8] However, by 1479 DR, Vaelan's authority rested almost entirely in the Datharathi family.[1]


By 1479 DR, goblins were part of the armies and population of Vaelan. Most Durpari resented this.[1]