Valas Belaem Del Pharm (Valas, slave of Pharm), the Black Raven, was a half-drow slave of House Leun in Rilauven.

History[edit | edit source]

He was lost in a bet to house Pharm who kept him despite the slave's considerable strength just to spite Leun. Pharm made Valas fight in the city arenas, where the latter developed his fighting style and became the city's greatest arena champion.[1]

Valas freed himself and fought his way through the Underdark with only his bare hands and the chains holding them. When he reached the surface at the Black Raven River's source he encountered a group of Black Raven barbarians who eagerly attacked him but were easily defeated. Seeing his great prowess and in awe of his peculiar appearance (he had jet black skin and fiery red eyes) the simple barbarians considered him to be a warrior spirit and bestowed upon him the honorific of "Black Raven" which he kept until his death.[1]

Later Valas left the barbarians and went travailing across the land freeing slaves, fighting imprisonment and collecting many loyal followers. In 1181 DR he eventually returned to where he first surfaced to erect the Black Raven Monastery where he is now buried.[1]

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