Valdick's Spheresail was an immensely powerful conjuration spell used for sailing the crystal spheres.[1]

Effects[edit | edit source]

This spell allowed the caster to effectively create a spelljammer from any vessel built for either sea or wildspace travel, by simply touching it. The spell took at least one minute to cast, and once the spelljammer was created, the enchantment was permanent, unless dispelled by another arcanist of at least the same power as the caster.[1]

Spelljammers created by Valdick's spheresail did not need helms; instead, the arcanist could simply will the vessel to move or stop as desired. Moreover, the motive power did not come from a helmsman. When within Realmspace or other crystal spheres where the goddess Mystryl held power, the spell drained divine power directly from her being.[1] So intense was this raw magical energy that a spelljammer enchanted with a spheresail could travel at 340 miles per hour (550 kilometers per hour) within the gravity well of a planet or other large body or 200,000,000 miles per day (320,000,000 kilometers per day).[1][4] These speeds were double the maximum speeds attainable by the most powerful mage or priest sitting in a major helm.[1][5]

If within the phlogiston, the spell instead siphoned magical energy from the cosmic gravitational forces of the destination crystal sphere. Similarly, the speeds attained were double those of a normal spelljammer.[1] (Notably, scholars were unable to calculate the actual velocities involved, since it was impossible in the flow to measure the distances between spheres, because of the lack of visibility in the "rainbow ocean".)[4]

Components[edit | edit source]

Spheresail only required verbal components.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The spell was invented in 2028 NY (−1831 DR)[6] by the Netherese arcanist Valdick, who loved exploring wildspace but hated the long travel times involved.[1]

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