The Vale of Shadows was a valley in Icewind Dale, lying a few hours' journey northeast of Kuldahar.[1]


Tombs were built in the Vale of Shadows by the barbarian king Kresselack, the Black Wolf. When the construction of the primary tomb was complete, he slew the workers and buried them outside in minor tombs. Afterwards, he sacrificed his followers to become the guardians of the primary tomb built for himself. Then he sacrificed himself to rule beside Myrkul, the lord of the dead, for all eternity, but instead he became a spirit forced to forever haunt his tomb.[1]

Centuries later, the inhabitants of the nearby settlement of Kuldahar buried their dead in family tombs inside the Vale.[1]


The Vale was an area of high bluffs and deep chasms with small pathways, with tombs lying through it. It remained shadowed even in the middle of a bright day at highsun. Some of these were undead shadows bearing hunger and hate. All were warned away from this place.[1]


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