The Valiant Warriors were a long-standing adventuring company based in Telflamm.[1]


The Valiant Warriors usually protected commerce in the lands east and north of the Sea of Fallen Stars from Rashemen's borders to Damara. However, they were no longer welcomed in Impiltur for their run-ins with authorities there. They always followed the dogma of Tymora to live dangerously. However, in time, they also invested their money in a merchant fleet on the Inner Sea.[1]


The Valiant Warriors had a very large number of heroic exploits to tell: they seized an entire duergar town, saved a Rashemi witch from forty ogres, and defeated a pirate ship just after it had raided the Telflamm port.

Around 1357 DR, some of their female retired members had become ladies in Telflamm.[1]



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