The Valley of Exiles was nestled within the Kun-Yen Shan mountain range in the Hordelands.[1]


Compared to the other hidden valleys of the Kun-Yen Shan range, the Valley of Exiles is relatively easy to locate, though its exact location was kept secret.[1]


The main entrance to the valley is guarded by a pair of stone fortresses. Each of these fortresses held 100 samurai warriors who were members of the Imperial Guard of Shou Lung. The guards ensured that no one entered or left they valley without their permission.[1]


As the name implied, the Valley of Exiles housed enemies of the Emperor of Shou Lung, mainly political prisoners. Once sentenced to the Valley an exile was never allowed to leave. The exiles lived as they wished within the valley, but contact with the outside world was forbidden.[1]



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