The Valley of Nanayok was a valley in the eastern end of the Koryaz Mountains of the Northern Wastes of Kara-Tur.[1]

By 1357 DR, the valley was filled with ruins, though mostly no more than heaps of crumbling stones shrouded in vegetation. It was believed to have been a center of Maraloi culture and politics. It was whispered that places beneath the ground here still contained the secrets of the "Ancient Lords."[2] By 1479 DR, the Ruins of Nanayok were one of the more notable mysteries of Kara-Tur.[3]

Strict taboos existed among the Pazruki tribes about visiting the ruins or accepting items taken from them. Only a few intrepid Pazruki wu jen dared investigate the site; those who returned did not speak of what they might have found.[2]



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