The Valley of the Shan Sao was isolated deep within the Kun-Yen Shan mountain range in the Hordelands.[1]


Heavy forests permeated this small valley.[1]

Unlike some of the other valleys of Kun-Yen Shan, the Valley of the Shan Sao was completely isolated.[1]


This valley was home to the mysterious shan sao. Nearly 300 of the creatures were spread over 15 different settlements throughout the valley. Though not aggressive, they would pester any travelers passing through their land.[1]

The shan sao were allied with tigers that also lived in the valley. Tiger pelts taken from the Valley of the Shan Sao typically sold for five to ten times their normal price. Only a few families of hunters knew of the entrances to the valley and they kept their secret closely guarded.[1]



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