Valls was a town in Damara and the capital of the duchy of Arcata.[1] It was situated in the southern part of the duchy at a tributary to the Beaumaris River at the north end of the King's Road.[2]


After the death of King Virdin at the Battle of Goliad in 1357 DR, Valls was overrun by refugees moving south to escape the invaders of Vaasa. There was little wealth and treasure left in the small town and, in response, the merchants and traders of Valls increased their prices.[3]

At the same time, the town was visited by the Circus of Doctor Trundles. At the parade through the town, a bulette escaped and tore up the cages of the other circus monsters.[3] After a tumult, where a few people were killed, all monsters except the bulette, were recaptured.[4]


The town was surrounded by a wall with three gates and twelve towers.[3] It was defended by the Ducal Guard.[1]


The town had ten inns and a tavern.[3]


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