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"So be it. But involve me with any filthy magic and I swear there'll be a hell to pay"
— Valygar

Valygar Corthala was a member of the noble Amnian Corthala family who eschewed his arcane heritage to live a life of his own. He sought to defend the natural world from the taint of arcane magic.[1][2]


Valygar was a decidedly stoic man who only spoke when he felt it was so required. He absolutely despised arcane magic and believed it twisted both the soul of its practitioners.[1]

Unlike many in the Realms, Valygar held no veneration for any deity.[1]


Among his possessions were a custom suit of chainmail and a unique katana that had been carried by members of his family.[1]


Valygar had few friends or acquaintances save for a few allied rangers and his manservant Hervo.[1]


Many members of the Corthala family have demonstrated magical aptitude and skill throughout its generations. Among his ancestors was the powerful necromancer, Lavok Corthala.[1]

At one point Valygar served in the Amnian military as a scout. He honed his skills as a martial fighter after years of fighting against unnatural beings.[1]

Valygar's mother was a mage who suffered from mental health issues, like many in her family. This affliction was believed by Valygar to be a result of her arcane practices. She spent much of the family's wealth on magical items to the point of obsession and wholly neglected her son and husband.[1]

When Valygar's father died his mother was distraught. In her despair, she raised her partner as a zombie and underwent the process of becoming undead herself. Valygar slew both of his parents, a deed he felt he was forced to carry out.[1]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, the Cowled Wizard Tolgerias began a manhunt for Valygar in Athkatla, as he was the last member of his bloodline. Tolgerias sought to gain entry into the Planar Sphere that suddenly appeared in the slums of Athkatla a few weeks prior. Valygar fled to his cabin in the Umar Hills, aided in hiding by Derrick and several other rangers. To circumvent the Cowled Wizard's pursuit, Valygar sought to secretly enter the sphere himself and bring an end to Lavok's schemes.[1]



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Baldur's Gate series (Shadows of AmnThrone of Bhaal)

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In the Baldur's Gate series of video games, Valygar is voiced by Jeff Osterhage.

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