Vampire spawn were undead created by vampires.[3]


Vampire spawn appeared as they did in life, though their features were hardened and appeared predatory.[3] They lived their lives in darkness and believe they were better than other living or undead creatures. Even though they did not possess all of the standard vampire powers, they still had the affections of all their traditional weaknesses and vulnerabilities.[4]


When it came to a life of adventuring, vampire spawn would seek vengeance on their creators, or penance for their new damnation. If these monsters could overcome their ravenous emotions, they might seek out knowledge, glory, or power. Pride was the true driver of the vampire spawn, since they believed themselves better than others.[4]


Vampire spawn were the masters of stealth and charismatic cunning, easily standing their ground against any foe in combat. For them, battle was simple, because if they couldn't win through sheer force, they could vanish using abilities like gaseous form or spider climbing. Like most undead, their bite and touch caused blood drain and domination, making them terrible opponents of living beings. These monsters also used others as soldiers, like ghouls and wights, or bodyguards, such as mummies or mohrgs.[4]


Vampire spawn could be encountered in the Rauvin Vale and Sundabar Vale in the Silver Marches.[5]



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