A vampiric wolf was a very rare type of wolf. They were undead and were the result of evil clerics performing twisted ceremonies on young wolves.[1][2]


Vampiric wolves were jet black all over their bodies, without a hint of color. Their eyes, however, glowed bright orange. However, once fueled from a blood feast, their eyes would glow bright red.[1][2]


Attacking in packs, these wolves utilized deadly bites, causing their opponent to fall over. After this, the creatures would surround their foe and go straight for their arms, to stop them using a weapon against them.[1][2]

Vampiric wolves were far more agile than other wolves at night, but were more sluggish during the day. These wolves could also regenerate, at the rate at which they drained their opponents of heatlh, much like a vampire. They were immune to charm, sleep, and hold spells, etc, and could only be hurt by silver or magical weapons.[1][2]


Such wolves hunted in packs, and worked together to search for their next blood feast. They only seemed loyal to their priestly master, and would savagely attack others who tried to control them. Only in the cases where the leader showed major signs of weakness would the wolf and their pack attack them.[1][2]



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