Vander was a firbolg, once an assassin of the Night Masks and later a companion of Cadderly Bonaduce and his friends.


Vander had red hair and beard, was about twelve feet tall and weighed over 800 pounds,[1] being thick-muscled and bearing scars of many battles.[2] He had dark eyes under bushy brows.[3] Vander wore wide studded bracers, glittering with dozens of small jewels, on his wrists[2] and a white bearskin cloak, and had a giant-sized sword belted at his side.[4]


He was born and raised in a firbolg community in the Spine of the World mountains.[5]

When he joined the Night Masks to become an assassin, another assassin Ghost got a hold on him and since then had used Vander's body through the powers of his Ghearufu to perform his gruesome craft. Once, in an attempt to escape the ruthless assassin, Vander fled all the way back to his home in the Spine of the World Mountains, yet Ghost was still able to track him down. Merely to torture and humiliate Vander even more, Ghost forced a body switch and mercilessly slaughtered several of Vander's fellow firbolgs, including his brother. Ghost reversed the body switch, leaving Vander holding his eldest son's left arm in his hands.[6]

Cadderly Bonaduce finally freed Vander from his predicament by killing Ghost.[7]


As a firbolg, Vander had the strength and height common to all giant-kin. But due to his heritage he had the innate ability to reduce his imposing hulk to that of a large man or one of barbarian lineage.[1]

Vander preferred to fight with his huge sword but also knew how to use his bare hands to kill a man in mere seconds.[8]


As firbolgs were friends of the land, Vander naturally befriended the dwarven brothers Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder, along with the elf Shayleigh and the humans Cadderly Bonaduce and Danica Maupoissant.[9]


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