Vander Stillhawk is a human ranger and a major character in the realm of Tethyr. He was a companion to Queen Zaranda Star before her ascension to the crown.

Vander is tall and spare with long muscles that seem to have been carved of oak and then weathered dark. He is handsome in a heavy-browed brooding way, with long black hair, a broad jaw and ever-present stubble.

The fighter was raised by elves and carries a magical elven long bow. The elves not only trained him in use of the bow, but also in elven hand signals. Vander does not speak, as he lost his tongue to orcish raiders when he was a boy, but rather he communicates through these hand signals. Like most rangers, Stillhawk despises missions requiring him to enter a city, preferring to remain in nature.

Vander has attained high position in the court of Tethyr which grants him many titles: Monarch's Champion, Regent of Prince Coran Rhindaun, and leader of the Warriors of the Star. The former title places him in charge of the monarchs' safety as the Warriors are the personal guard of Queen Zaranda Star and King Haedrak III.

Vander has an innate magical ability. He has the ability to run his lips along the shaft of a damaged arrow, thereby repairing it.


Vander is alternately identified as a ranger or fighter and a human or elf depending on the source. However, the novel War in Tethyr, which is the most thorough treatment of the character, portrays him as a human ranger.


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