Vansi Bloodscar was a powerful spellscarred orc warrior and the leader of the Many-Arrows contingent in Neverwinter.[3]


Her spellscar had the form of ridges of bone and spines that projected from her skin unexpectedly, particularly during fits of emotion. In those instance, the ridges pulsed with blue energy.[2]


Vansi had a strong sense of honor and never broke her word once given. She was also a loyal ally of those whom she deemed friends.[2]


Vansi was chosen by King Obould XVII to guide the Many-Arrows contingent in Neverwinter following the rebuilding of the city after the eruption of Mount Hotenow, at some point after 1451 DR.[3] Although her orders were to explore to ruined city, Vansi defied Obould's orders, seeing an opportunity to take power in Neverwinter as part of a future plan to annex the city to Many-Arrows.[3][2] Her forces eventually were able to subjugate the River District.[3]

At some point afterwards, The Prophet approached Vansi and convinced her to gain a spellscar, that she told the orc was a blessing. This was a plan of the Abolethic Sovereignty to sway the orcs to their side.[3]

Eventually, Vansi soon allied herself with the Abolethic Sovereignty and went rogue, convincing many of her orcs to follow her. She and her forces began to harass Neverwinter's citizens.[1]

Many adventurers were recruited to weaken and defeat the orc horde. Finally, it was likely that an adventurer infiltrated the Cloak Tower and fought and killed Vansi.[1]



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