The Vanthampur family was one of several clans of wealthy patriars that composed the nobility of Baldur's Gate. They owed much of their success to the civil engineering they provided for the city,[1] primarily by the family's matriarch Duke Thalamra, who previously served as the city's Master of Drains and Underways.[2][3]


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  • Duke Thalamra: Raising her family from complete obscurity, Lady Vanthampur ascended to the highest governing Baldurian body, the Council of Four.[4]
  • Amrik: The favored son of Duke Thalamra was also the family's heir apparent.[4]
  • Thurstwell: Eldest of the Vanthampur sons, Thurstwell kept himself locked away and spied upon the city by means of his network of imp minions.[5]
  • Mortlock: The youngest Vanthampur scion was kept hidden away, deep beneath the family villa.[6]
  • Slobberchops: The old and battle-scarred tressym held little allegiance to the family, least of all Thurstwell and his imps.[7]




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