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Vaerae (sometimes spelled Varae[2]) was an obscure demipower that was subsumed and made an aspect of Sseth.[1]


Vaerae's cult was popular in northern rural Calimshan and the Vilhon Reach, having been brought to those areas by nomadic tribes that were normally found on the Shining Plains. These cults held that no snake should ever be injured; the punishment for harming a snake was maiming, and the punishment for killing a snake was being killed in return.[1]


Vaerae was first worshiped during the Fifth Age of Calimsham in a beast cult amongst nomadic humans;[2] there was also some evidence in the North, found in the Farsea Marshes and the Vast Swamp, that he was worshiped under the name Repra as well during that time.[1]

During the Time of Troubles, however, Vaerae was severely weakened and subsequently was slain by Sseth, who saw the new aspect as a way to expand his influence and acquire more power in Toril. He granted new powers to Vaerae's priests, and sent yuan-ti purebloods from the Chultan Peninsula to infiltrate and assume control of the cults. The cults proved capable of providing valuable support to yuan-ti agents in the area, and the yuan-ti in turn spread the cult's influence.[2][1]

One group of cultists traveled further north in search of Ss'thar'tiss'ssun. However, they were all turned into ophidians after they accidentally unleashed an artifact that was originally created by House Orogoth.[2]


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