Vargo Kent was a senior member of the Dragonwell cell of the Cult of the Dragon during the 14th century DR. He had devoted his life to dragons, specifically black dragons.[2]


When Vargo was merely seven years old, his parents were given the burden of caring for a black dragon egg that was on the verge of hatching. After the wyrmling emerged, it captured Vargo's interest and consumed all his time. He chose to stay by the young beast's side and took on the responsibility of its daily care. Even though the infant dragon attempted to eat the young boy and scarred his entire body with its saliva, he remained entranced.[2]

As young Vargo's magical abilities developed during his youth, his outlook was shaped by his draconic companion, who had been granted the name Amnemis. Vargo came to follow the philosophy that dragon-kind would once again rule all of Toril. For some time he kept Amnemis as his familiar, though she soon outgrew that role.[2]

Vargo continued his study of dragons for some time, seeking ways to become more and more like them. He eventually discovered an arcane alchemical process that allowed him to transfer into a half-black dragon. This undertaking left Vargo permanently disfigured, with no skin remaining on his lower jaw.[2]

Time with the CultEdit

Undeterred in his goals and search for knowledge, Vargo Kent sought entrance into the Cult of the Dragon to further his arcane research. The match with the organization was a perfect fit, as Vargo was accepted within and ascended the groups ranks within a matter of mere months. Not long after joining, he was tasked with assisting Naergoth Bladelord with the final stages of construction on the grand citadel at the Well of Dragons.[2]

By 1479 DR, Vargo had become a lich and the co-ruler of the Well of Dragons.[1]


Vargo's consort Amnemis displayed great possessiveness over the mage. She would abuse the dragon-kin familiars Vargo chose after she had filled that role.[2] As of 1374 DR, his familiar was a black wyrmling called Enixtryx.[3]

Although the powerful mage mostly ignored him, Reveilaein Brant did take up an apprenticeship under Vargo.[4]



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