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Variscite, also known as lucinite and peganite, was an ornamental stone found in nodules or in rock seams.[3][4]


This stone was translucent and came in deep to pale shades of yellowish green. When cut cabochon and polished they occasionally displayed gray and yellow bands or rings ("eyes").[3][4] A typical stone had a base value of 10 gp.[1][2]


Variscite was poisonous to lycanthropes and, if delivered into the bloodstream on the tip of a weapon, caused triple the normal damage for that strike. Once a lycanthrope was infected with variscite, further exposure did no additional harm until the subject recovered—a process that took a full 24 hours. Infection could also be accomplished if a variscite stone, say mounted in a ring or other jewelry, were pressed into an open wound on a lycanthrope, or touched to the creature's tongue.[4]


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