Varrakas was an ingested poison that was usually mixed with gravy or dark sauces.[1]


Varrakas had a thick, syrupy consistency with a slightly oily flavor. A single, black drop of the poison was enough to cause internal damage.[1]


The poison was effective against any mammal. After consumption, varrakas entered the bloodstream disguised as a nutrient. Three to four hours later, the damage occurred. The more drops that were consumed, the greater the damage that occurred.[1]

Oddly enough, the poison orvas served as an antidote to varrakas if it was insinuated into the bloodstream before the poisonous effects of varrakas could take place.[2]


Varrakas was one of sixteen formulas for poisons recorded in the book known as The Nathlum. It was thought that the formulas were originally written down by the mage, Lethchauntos the Black, during his time spent with an orc tribe. Some of these same formulas were copied from the book by the mage, Phrandjas of Port Llast and sold to local alchemists.[1]



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