Varrdigs (pronounced: /ˈvɑːrdɪgzVAR-digz[4]), or fluid brutes, were grue native to the Elemental Plane of Water.[1]


These creatures assumed multiple forms depending on the situation. They could appear as a small pool of water, a fountain, or simply as part of a larger body of water. Their greenish tint made them noticeable to careful observers.[1]

A varrdig's true form was that of a globular translucent mass. Small clawed legs and tube-like appendages radiated outward from its central section. Varrdigs moved about while in water by shooting water through the tube appendages.[1]


Varrdigs could attack opponents out of the water by jetting water at them with impressive force. These streams of water could easily blind a target or even knock them unconscious. Any target falling unconscious was easily drowned by the varrdig.[1]

When encountered within water, varrdigs were capable of a swift ramming attack that often surprised their target because of the varrdigs ungainly appearance.[1]

Varrdigs were completely immune to all cold and water-based magic. Their mere presence within 30 feet of such magic automatically dispelled it, including permanent spells. Magical items were not affected by this dispelling power.[1]


Air and water grue

A vardigg and an ildriss.

Varrdigs often traveled in groups of three, or triads, for safety. Traveling in this manner allowed them to quickly fuse into a single strong body.[1]


As scavengers, varrdigs had little impact on the ecology of their surroundings. They were not above killing off weak creatures who stumbled across their path. Marid exterminated any varrdig on site, but many other water creatures such as sahuagin and ixitxachitl were on good terms with the varrdig.[1]

Varrdig TriadsEdit

Three singular varrdigs could fuse together, forming a varrdig triad. After fusing, which took several minutes, the triad functioned as a single entity. A triad was much stronger and faster than any singular varrdig.[1]



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