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Vartan Hai Sylvar was an elven cleric of Labelas Enoreth.


Vartan was at one point captured by gnolls. He was rescued by the human Priam Agrivar, and joined him on his travels.

Priam and Vartan later joined the crew of the halruaan ship the Realms Master, the captain of which, Dwalimar Omen, they helped acquire a number of dangerous artifacts, which Dwalimar could dispose of.

At one point during their travels, Vartan was tasked by a group of dragons to identify a mysterious individual who had been murdering dragons. To do this, Vartan contacted his god, Labelas Enoreth, who gave him the requested information, but warned him that he would have need of him in the future.

Said need came during the times of trouble, when Labelas required a mortal avatar. He chose Vartan, who volunteered when he heard of his god's need. Mortal life, however, did not come easily to Labelas, the god of longevity, and his already considerable ego, grew into madness. Vartan's preference for human women also influenced him, to the degree where he desired one of the human crew members in an unwholesome way.[2][3]

Labelas was eventually exorcized, but not before he had caused the Realms Master's destruction at the hand of Helm, and permanently damaged his relationship with his once faithful cleric.

Some time after ascending to godhood, Vartan was again visited by the god he had turned his back on. Though Vartan could never fully recover his old faith, he did forgive Labelas for his actions after he gave a gift to each of Vartan's companions (none of the companions accepted the gift, and those who did, did not enjoy it as they had expected, thus making Labelas' promises unfulfilled).



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