County Varyth was a region of lush farmland in Tethyr but also struggled with an elevated monster population.[1]


Varyth was a member of the Crown Lands. It was between the River Ith and the Sulduskoon River and bordered County Rivershire and County Hazamarch in the Golden Marches.[3]


County Varyth produced large barley crops, as well as wines and pipeweed.[1]


County Varyth was ruled by a pair of mages, Count Dancon Riiklass and his wife Iimvara Riiklass. Dancon held the official power, but the Countess-Consort ran the everyday business of the county for him, as he was more often involved with his mutual role as Duties Chancellor of Tethyr. Their home was in the keep Tor Arcana on the River Ith.[1]


As of 1370 DR, the county struggled with a relatively large population of monsters; as elves from the eastern portions of the Forest of Tethir drove the monsters out of their woods, they tended to cross the Sulduskoon and enter Varyth.[1]




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