Vehlarr was a natural werewolf and accomplished sorcerer who was favoured by Malar and Sehanine. With their help, he organized the packs of werewolves in the Wood of Sharp Teeth and formed the city of Vehlarr within the forest.[1]

Myth Lharast[edit | edit source]

Syri Mhaal had placed a magic lure on the city of Myth Lharast which was causing Vehlarr's werewolves to fall victim to it. This action annoyed Vehlarr, and displeased Sehanine, because she felt that Syri had corrupted a city built at least partly in her honour. Sehanine helped Vehlarr construct the Circle of Vehlarr, a magical gate into Myth Lharast, upon which work began in 712 DR. The attack on Myth Lharast was conducted in 720 DR but the defenders proved too strong. Selûne, to whom Myth Lharast was also partly dedicated, and who had become annoyed by the battle, completely destroyed the city. Some of this magical destruction fed back through the gate into the city of Vehlarr, destroying it too.[1]

Rumours[edit | edit source]

A myth exists that Vehlarr is still alive and he and the city of Myth Lharast were magically transported to another plane. No aging occurs on this plane, and on nights of a full moon, the city of Vehlarr returns to Abeir-Toril and is accessible through the Circle of Vehlarr. Nobody has substantiated this rumour.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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