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Velarswood (also known as Velarwood[1]) was a wood near the centre of Harrowdale.


The north of the wood contained a temple to Eilistraee, which was guarded by a number of drow.[3][2]


In 1372 DR it was inhabited by bonebats, cloakers, stirges, and trolls, as well as more formidable creatures.[2]

More than fifty Eilistraeeans lived and worshiped in Velarswood, both drow and other elves, in the Shadowtop Glade shrine. They often gathered in evensong in gratitude.[4] They were creating a surface home there and generally had good relations with local humans, whom they aided when ill.[5][6]

There was also a number of werewolves in the area. As a general rule, Followers of Eilistraee often befriended the moon-worshiping lycanthropes, and celebrated sacred hunts in honor of Eilistraee and Selûne alongside them [7]. However, a group of Eilistraeeans was known to frequently hunt the lycanthropes that they considered to be abominations and dangerous for the inhabitants of the area.[8] In fact, those Eilistraeeans hung the lycanthrope heads on a trophy tree.[9]

Notable inhabitants