Velen was a port city on the Tethyrian peninsula overlooking the Sea of Swords. The coastal city served as the capital of duchy of Cape Velen, within the Kingdom of Tethyr in the 14th century DR and onward into the 15th century after the realm's independence was declared. It was famous for being exceptionally haunted, though this was hardly noticed by the city's citizens.[2][3]

Due to its location as one of the western-most coastal cities on the mainland of Faerûn, Velen has been a stalwart defender against the pirates of the Nelanther Isles. It has embraced this role for centuries and has maintained a well-trained city guard and formidable naval forces.[3]


Velen was nestled between two ocean-side hills, Captain's Cliff on the west and Widow's Hill to the east.[3] The city was guarded by massive, copper-colored stone walls that protected both its coast and overland borders. It's wharf was equipped with massive chains, submerged beneath the sea, that could be hoisted to hem the speed and maneuverability of any ships that tried to bombard the city.[2]


The Velean were a hearty and resourceful people, who by and large, maintained a lighthearted disposition and always seemed to pick themselves up and dust themselves off when faced with adversity.[3]

Ghosts were a common sight within the city's walls, appearing for a brief moments before disappearing into darkness. The Velean citizens have come to largely ignore these sightings, and disregard the spectral appearances.[2]


Citizens of Zazesspur thought the citizens of Velen to be unsophisticated, "ghost-crazed" backwoods folk.[3]


Prior to the 15th century, Velen was a city within the kingdom of Tethyr. However, in 1424 DR they declared their independence from the Forest Nation and became an autonomous duchy. While this declaration created initial tension with Tethyr, over time relations between the two realms were re-established and they considered one another as allies.[2]

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