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Velociraptors, or simply raptors[1], were small aggressive dinosaurs who hunted in packs.[2]


Velociraptors were covered in feathers and were similar in size to large turkeys. They were small cousins of the larger deinonychus.[2][4]


These predators usually used pack hunting tactics that allowed them to bring down much larger prey. Their main weapons were their sharp claws and their strong bites.[2]



Velociraptors were commonly found in the jungles and beaches of Chult.[5]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, some could be found in the Forbidden Plateau.[6]


A Chultan velociraptor.

Velociraptor leather was a quality crafting material, used in creation of armor and reinforcing weapons. It was often used by Chhultan and Tabaxi warriors. Velociraptor fangs could be used to create sharp and deadly shivs [1]


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