Velsharoon (pronounced: /ˈvɛlʃɑːrnVEL-shah-roon[1]), the Archmage of Necromancy, also known as Mellifleur,[note 1] was the Faerûnian god of necromancy.[2][1]

Divine RealmEdit

Velsharoon had his divine realm called Death's Embrace on Mungoth, the third mount of Gehenna in the Great Wheel cosmology.[2] In the World Tree cosmology it lay on the magical plane of Dweomerheart, far underground beneath Azuth and The Eye. In appearance a moldy tomb, Death's Embrace was a repository of all necromantic knowledge.[5]


Velsharoon was once a lich wizard who, with the sponsorship of the deity Talos, managed to ascend to godhood.[6]

In 1425 DR, Velsharoon was engulfed in flames and died; his corpse was eventually secured by the Aglarondans. The Simbul was also believed to have died in the flames, but in fact survived and moved to the Dalelands.[7]


Although he nominally served Azuth (and through him, Mystra), Velsharoon re-established a secret alliance with Talos and a flirtatious relationship with Shar.[1]



  1. Mellifleur, later known as Melif, was a multi-sphere lesser deity of liches first described in Monster Mythology. Velsharoon took his name as an alias, but their relationship is unclear, as they shared some similarities but also differed in many details.


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