The Velvet Veil was a rowdy dance hall and tavern in Ashabenford during the late 14th century DR.[1]


They offered drinks at the bar as well as a lively dance floor that was open to the hall's guests and filled with exotic dancers. The performers included female tabaxi and a centauress in the main room and male satyrs in a rear room.[1]

The entertainers and servers were a wealth of knowledge about current events and rumors in the Dalelands.[2] It would attract many travelers who journeyed along the Moonsea Ride.[3]


There were a number of secluded booths and curtained alcoves on the second floor collectively known as the Quiet Rooms. These spaces were also enchanted with spells that prevented the loud noise of the ground floor from disrupting their conversations. The floors above contained bedrooms used by either the dancers to bathe and rest between performances or by escorts with their clients.[1]



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