Vendes Baenre, nicknamed Duk-Tak ("Unholy Executioner") was a drow priestess of Lolth of House Baenre in Menzoberranzan in the mid–14th century DR. She was the fourth of Matron Mother Yvonnel Baenre's daughters and also the master tormentress of the Baenre compound; her nickname was because of this "job".[2][3]


Vendes Baenre tortured Drizzt when he returned to Menzoberranzan and was captured by House Baenre. She was later killed by Drizzt when Cattie-brie and Artemis Entreri rescued him from the Baenre compound.[3] in 1357 DR.[4]


Small of stature, Vendes was vicious and uncontrollably volatile, so much so that Yvonnel refused to grant her a room in the highest tier of the Baenre stalagmite. Since even an illithid was permitted to dwell there, this slight only shortened Vendes's temper.[2]


However, Yvonnel had some use for her daughter, sending Vendes to mete out punishment to lower-ranking drow.[2]

Vendes wielded a unique seven-headed whip of fangs that could turn the skin of its victims into ebony. Yvonnel stored the resulting statues in a room for later sale.[2]

Yvonnel let her daughter also punish priestesses in Arach-Tinilith. If a would-be priestess was believed to be straying from the Way of Lolth, Vendes was put to work on them. Their ebony statues were displayed in front of Arach-Tinilith for one year as a warning to all.[2]

Vendes's "statues" of drow were prized by the elite of Gracklstugh, although after her death several statues mysteriously came to life and attacked their owners.[4]



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